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U.I.S. is a Massachusetts based private investigation company specializing in Surveillance.
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Massachusetts Surveillance Private Investigator Services

Massachusetts Surveillance - Private Investigator

United Investigative Services: Full Service Investigation Firm offering Surveillance Services

As a premium, full service private investigation firm in Massachusetts, U.I.S. offers many investigation services such as Surveillance, record searches, people searches, surveillance and background checks. To find out more about U.I.S.'s Surveillance services and rates, please call toll free 888-576-5769.

About Surveillance in Massachusetts

Using the latest surveillance techniques and equipment can be used to provide video surveillance. Home security, employee monitoring and so much more. U.I.S. can provide reliable surveillance to monitor and record to any location in Massachusetts.

Common surveillance technology includes video recording, audio recording, movement detection, GPS tracking devices and moving surveillance.

U.I.S. is experienced in the art of surveillance as well as:

  • Video Recording
  • Audio Recording
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Subject Surveillance
  • GPS Tracking
  • And More

More Private Investigator Services

Massachusetts PI

U.I.S. is proud to offer many investigation services to our Massachusetts clients. We offer our PI services in western Massachusetts and other areas as well. In addition to Surveillance, we also offer:

See our full list of services offered in Massachusetts: private investigator services.

U.I.S. offers Surveillance services in Massachusetts. U.I.S. is a private investigator company located in Massachusetts offering Surveillance and private investigation services. Contact U.I.S. today about Surveillance services in Massachusetts.

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